Salvation Through Judgment

“The lordship of God, however, cannot be confined to God’s love, for the Scriptures call attention to another dimension of the story. God expresses his kingship also in punishing his enemies, in judging those who resist the overtures of his love. Some of God’s subjects rebel against his kingly rule and his sovereign love. Their recalcitrance and rebellion will not ultimately succeed. The story line of the Scriptures indicates that evil will be destroyed and pacified. The subjects who refuse to bow the knee will be judged, and God’s rule over all and glory will be manifested in judgment as well” (Schreiner, The King in His Beauty, pp. xiv).

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  1. Great survey of Scripture with an eye to Gods glory in salvation through judgment. Serves as a great quick reference guide to placing books and texts in the grand scheme of Gods word.

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