David Brainerd: Like A Meteor Against The Night

"David Brainerd on Horseback" by Unknown
“David Brainerd on Horseback” by Unknown

In 1749, the preeminent American theologian and preacher Jonathan Edwards published a work that would quickly become his most popular. Called An Account of the Life of the Late Reverend Mr. David Brainerd, it was the diary of a young missionary who had died of tuberculosis only two years earlier in Edwards’ own home.

Edwards saw fit to publish Brainerd’s diary and personal writings after his death because of the young man’s unmatched zeal for Christ as well as his unrelenting efforts to preach the Gospel amongst the heathen, regardless of his seeming lack of converts. The diary quickly made Brainerd a household name and served to inspire a generation of Christians to further the cause of Christ in service of the Great Commission.

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