Why Adoption is Pro-Life and Pro-Gospel

Many of us Christians consider ourselves to be 100% pro-life. We affirm that every human possesses the image of God from the moment of conception, a reality that makes abortion unthinkable in any circumstance. However, being 100% pro-life requires more than our opposition to surgical and chemical abortion. Convincing a pregnant mother to bear her child instead of opting to abort is not the end of being pro-life. Being 100% pro-life means striving to protect the innocent inside and outside of the womb. It means following through, nurturing life from conception to natural death.

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Scientist: Unborn Children Begin Learning in the Womb

In a fascinating new opinion piece on, a scientist recounts her study and exploration of a relatively recent discovery regarding child development in the womb. Scientist and author Annie Murphy Paul wrote the article about a new scientific field known as “fetal origins.” Many scientists are coming to the groundbreaking realization that “learning starts much earlier than many of us would have imagined: in the womb.”

According to the author:

The fetus, we now know, is not an inert blob, but an active and dynamic creature, responding and adapting as it readies itself for life in the particular world it will soon enter. The pregnant woman is neither a passive incubator nor a source of always-imminent harm to her fetus, but a powerful and often positive influence on her child even before it’s born. And pregnancy is not a nine-month wait for the big event of birth, but a crucial period unto itself.

Make no mistake, this is a big deal.

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Down Syndrome and the Immorality of Eugenics

An article in the New York Post, entitled “The End of Down Syndrome,” details a new type of scientific test that can detect Down Syndrome in unborn children. However, based on the article’s shocking implications, it would be more aptly titled “The End of Down Syndrome Children.” Though the article’s original title seems to promise a cure to the genetic disorder, the piece instead delivers a look at our culture’s obsession with perfection and our willingness to kill for it.

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“Unwanted” Children And The Glory Of God

News outlets are reporting the shocking story of a woman who was arrested after throwing her disabled infant son from atop a parking garage. On August 23, Sonia Hermosillo was arrested by California authorities for throwing her 7-week old son from the fourth story of a parking garage located at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. The infant boy, named Noe Medina Jr., had been receiving treatment at the hospital for various birth defects.

Prosecutors allege that Hermosillo removed the helmet her son wore due to one of those birth defects just before throwing him from the parking garage. Hermosillo then returned to the hospital to validate her parking before driving away. Witnesses saw the baby falling and emergency personnel rushed him to the hospital, but sadly, the baby boy later died of his injuries. As a result, Hermosillo has been charged with murder and felony child abuse.

The societal response to Noe’s death reveals something dark about American culture.

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